Learn Guitar From a Studio Guitarist

From a Behind The Scenes Working Musician to an Artist of my Craft

The life of a session musician is one of great challenges and excitement – walking in the shadows, the unsung hero behind your favorite tracks.  Hundreds of songs and albums later brought me the point I wanted to become myself the artist of my craft and give the world my own unique gentle approach to guitar under my name. 

Listen to my 'Fleeting Thoughts' on Mint Songs

‘Desert’ is part of my upcoming release ‘Fleeting Thoughts.’  A collection of visual art and instrumental music made up of thoughts & feelings encapsulated in moments in time through my guitar playing. Listen Here

‘Desert’ transmits the blissful loneliness we all feel in life. The understanding that you are your best friend and worst enemy. It’s neither a good nor bad feeling – yet frightening and beautiful, just like a vast Desert. 

The image of dunes transmitted me to an ancient time in the orient from where I pulled out some of the musical ideas that blend acoustic rock, prog, and almost hypnotic oriental vibes into a one-take shot of all the guitar tracks that make the piece. 

This release is just a warm-up to what I am to offer musically and especially visually. Collecting it you support my work.

I aim to build the roadmap of working musicians in web 3

My double life as both digital marketer and artist put’s in a better positions to carve the path for others. 

I already have achieved several milestones, winning my mirror domain where my publication and guides on music NFTs are, hosting guitar competitions, becoming a foundation app artist, and getting involved with some of the top music projects as an ‘expert’ of my field. 

My Discord focused on web3 musicians is growing and my value for collectors will ultimately reflect the value I bring to others.

Every Collection, Follow and Contribution brings me one step closer to my goal!