Guitar, Audio & Music industry digital MArketer

Session Guitar Player Leading a Double Life as a
Music Industry Digital Marketer & Music Content Writer

"Altin understood right away what our musician users needed and created excellent content for our website/web app and social media."

A musician serving
music brands

If your target audience is musicians, music lovers or audio freaks, I know all about them – as I am one myself!


My studio career has taught me a great deal about gear, guitar playing, mixing, music, audio and pretty much everything a digital marketeer needs to serve the industry!

Hire remote musicians
Musician Website SEO

From blogs to social media & web copy

Other than being a top-rated studio musician I also run a digital agency in Tirana and have a portfolio of more than 50+ brands I have managed across many different industries.


This Website you’re on right now is ranked 1st on Google following the success of my blog’s content strategy!

Hands on experience in the music industry

My music career has built up my knowledge of how musicians and music lovers think. 

I know what they (me) would want to read and see in your content both on your website and social media pages!


My Services for your music & Audio brand

Music Blog articles writer

Blog Articles

If you run a music related website/app or an audio brand - I can provide specific articles serving your audience, with a mix of both friendly and technical styles.

Music social media expert

Social Media Content + Strategy

I have managed and achieved organic and paid results with pages that range from some hundreds to more than 150 k followers. My content will both entertain and drive to action!

Guitar content writer

Everything Guitar

I live and breathe guitars and have, for more than a decade, recorded professionally for worldwide artists. You can be confident I can do your brand justice!

Gear review writer

Gear & Plugin Reviews

My studio career has given me hands on profession experience with instruments and audio gear - from pedals and guitars to amps, plugins, FX and mixing tools etc.

Music website copy writer

Music Website & App Content

A musician scrolling through your site or app needs compelling copy that leads them to exactly where you want to them to go!

Record label marketer

Record Labels & Artists

Drive awareness, streams and downloads for your music or for your artist’s new release through great content!

who can serve a music audience better than a musician?

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